Swirl diffusers for use in air conditioning systems, ventilation and heating

The swirl diffusers RD are new series of ventilation equipment of the CCK TM company. The swirl diffusers are intended for use in ventilation systems in the high ceiling premises (more than 4 meters). The swirl diffusers of CCK TM are intended for air distribution to the area and can be used in shopping and entertainment centers, airports, theaters and other.
The main advantage of using a swirl diffuser RD is to create a favorable microclimate indoors by providing intense mixing of the air and decreasing air separation.
Swirl diffusers of CCK TM are able to regulate the energy of air distribution of the flow and its direction.
The managers of representative offices can get you more information about the swirl diffusers, its operating principles and cost. Also you can send the request form by e-mail ccktm@ccktm.com