Electric air curtain AeroGuard is a high performance and economy!

CCK TM Company has established production of electric air curtains AeroGuard is equipment for air heating. The CCK TM Company occur the manufacturing of the hinges on the engineering documentation.
The main advantage of the electric air curtains of CCK TM is that they can be used in areas where water supply is not possible with the equipment. The electric air curtains effectively used in sports objects, warehouses, shopping centers, railway stations, gas stations, hotels, etc.
Electric air curtain AeroGuard characterized by high productivity, where the length of the jet reaches 7 meters; has automatic modern control, low noise and ease of installation.
Electric air curtains AeroGuard can significantly reduce heat loss of the premises, and to align the temperature in the room.
The managers of representative offices can get you more information about the electric air curtains AeroGuard. Also you can send the request form by e-mail ccktm@ccktm.com