The results of the exhibition BudExpo-Autumn 2018


The company CCK TM took part in the exhibition BudExpo-Autumn, which was held in Lviv from 3 to 6 October 2018.

At the exhibition, CCK TM presented the new products of this year - the energy-efficient air handling units Aerostart-EC, smoke hatches for the L-K and the GMK-DU fire dampers. Also at the company`s booth was presented the central air conditioner VRS-500, which aroused great interest among the visitors of the exhibition. This unit is distinguished by high productivity (up to 64,200 m³/h), a wide standard range (28 standard sizes), and the possibility of using it in facilities with special requirements, namely for clean rooms and productions.

At the booth of CCK TM company particular attention had the air handling unit Aerostar-EC. Highly efficient energy recovery and intelligent automatic control are the hallmarks of this unit.

The ventilation equipment for smoke exhaust systems presented at the CCK TM stand: smoke hatch and fire dampers were of interest to specialists in the field of fire safety. All equipment manufactured by CCK TM for smoke ventilation systems has quality certificates and has passed the appropriate tests.
On the second day of the exhibition, CCK TM held a technical seminar for design engineer of ventilation and air conditioning systems in the western region of Ukraine. The invited experts had the opportunity to get acquainted with the technical capabilities of CCK TM and options for the use of modern ventilation equipment in future projects.
We thank everyone who visited the CCK TM booth at the BudExpo exhibition in Lviv. Always glad to a new meetings!