New! Filtering unit for the kitchen!


The company CCK TM presents a new of ventilation equipment for professional kitchens - the unit ECOKITCHEN.

The importance of clean indoor air can not be overemphasized. Air quality in professional kitchens and customer service halls plays a big role in the establishment`s reputation. It is very unpleasant situation when a customer leaves the restaurant and his clothes are saturated with unpleasant food odors.

To solve this problem, the CCK TM company offers exhaust filtering unit ECOKITCHEN. The use of active electrostatic filters with built-in automation as part of an unit allows you to effectively remove oily fumes that are released during cooking.

One of the significant advantages of such filters is that they are completely restored by cleaning with special detergents. As a result, there is no cost to clean or replace the filter.

The removal efficiency of particles using exhaust filtering unit ECOKITCHEN is more than 95%.

More information about the unit can be found in the catalog.

vytyazhnaya_filtruyushchaya_ustanovka_ecokitchen.jpg   ventilyatsionnaya_ustanovka_dlya_kukhni.jpg