Bright accents in the air conditioning system


CCK TM Company has been working in the market of industrial and semi-industrial ventilation of Ukraine and neighboring countries for several years already.

On the company`s account, not one hundred realized projects of ventilation in various fields - be it a small shop, a kindergarten, an office or the largest shopping center, airport or stadium.

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The tasks that are solved by ventilation equipment manufactured by CCK TM can be different:

  • creation of an optimal microclimate in the working area;
  • elimination from the premises of harmful gaseous substances, impurities, odors;
  • supply of fresh or purified air into the room;
  • drainage, filtration, heating, cooling, heat recovery of air in the room, etc.



But in addition to the practical use of ventilation and air conditioning systems, they can perform a decorative, aesthetic function in the room.

The ventilation system in the room can be part of a unique design environment, a continuation of the idea of interior or exterior design.

The company CCK TM, as a manufacturer, offers stylish solutions in the field of modern ventilation equipment. Ventilation equipment manufactured by CCK TM can be painted in any color according to the RAL catalog, which will allow it to harmoniously fit into any part of the interior.