Announcement of a new line of equipment! Round ducts!


Following the release of rectangular ducts, the CCK TM company announces the start of production of round ducts.

For ducts round shape is optimal. This form of the duct contributes to the minimum resistance to air flow and the absence of turbulent zones in the section of the duct, which creates a minimal level of noise.

CCK TM Company announced the production of two types of round ducts for the design:

  • longitudinal;
  • spirally wound

Round ducts are characterized by increased tightness and high durability. Their important advantage is the small size, the minimum number of fasteners and high installation speed.

The model range of round air ducts produced by CCK TM includes:

  • elbow pieces;
  • transitions;
  • nipples;
  • t-branches;
  • tie-ins;
  • blind joints.

The proposed model range of round air ducts produced by CCK TM will allow you quickly, efficiently and with minimal cost to mount a solid, well-sealed ventilation system at public and industrial facilities.