New production! FAS modular units!


CCK TM Company offers new developments in the field of central air conditioners - FAS air handling units.

The FAS modular unit produces to the smallest detail: it cleans, heats, supplies fresh air, extracts heat from outgoing air and releases the air, and transfers it to the incoming one.

This solution has several advantages:

  • high heat saving efficiency due to the use of plate and rotary heat exchangers (efficiency up to 85%);
  • air cleaning with both panel and pocket filters is possible;
  • high rates of thermal insulation and sound insulation of the case (panel thickness up to 20 mm);
  • modular unit assumes ease of design and installation;
  • convenient and quick selection of units in a special selection program.

Depending on the tasks to be performed, the following sections may be included: fans, water or electric heater, water or freon cooler, plate or rotor heat exchanger, insulated, noise suppressors, mixing sections and intermediate sections.

More information about the new production can be found in the Air Conditioning section of the catalog FAS air-supply and exhaust modular unit.

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