New! Refrigeration units MAKK!


The line of manufactured equipment of CCK TM company is regularly expanding and can satisfy any customer needs.

One of the latest innovations is refrigeration units MAKK that the company introduced on the ventilation equipment market.

MAKK units are condensing units and serve as the basis for any refrigeration system. They are responsible for the preparation of liquid refrigerant, which is fed to the evaporators of freon systems. Also units MAKK can be used as an external source of cold, for example, for central air conditioners VRS, duct air coolers, etc.

Compressor condensing units are designed for outdoor installation, the temperature of their operation up to -40° C.

The refrigeration unit MAKK is distinguished by its built-in high-performance scroll compressors, which are mounted on rubber vibration dampers.

In the line of compressor condensing units, there are 5 models and in each model, a number of sizes:

  • MAKK 110 (6 standard sizes);
  • MAKK 120 (10 standard sizes);
  • MAKK 310 (7 standard sizes);
  • MAKK 320 (9 standard sizes);
  • MAKK 330 (8 standard sizes).

For more information about the technical characteristics of the condensing unit can be found in the catalog.

Also, this new product will be presented at the Aqua-Therm 2019 exhibition at the CCK TM booth. Anyone can get a free invitation card and see live the unit at our booth. Specialists of CCK TM will be able to provide the most complete information about the equipment.