Partners of CCK TM

The company CCK TM in their work aims to achieve the best results. Under his command CCK TM united professional team of engineers and managers (specialists) and advanced management tools. This professionalism allows us to implement complex projects that offer reliable and customized solutions for optimized ventilation, air conditioning and air heating.
We understand that ensuring customer of efficient and high-quality ventilation equipment is not possible without the partnership with forward-thinking and reliable organizations. Together with our partners, we are guided by one main purpose: high quality product for the end user.
Our partners include the world's leading manufacturers of components: Nicotra, ABB, EBM-papst, Belimo, Klingenburg, Soleco and many others.
The close cooperation of CCK TM with the companies - the leaders of the world market of components of HVAC systems provides high quality, reliability and efficiency of ventilation equipment.
The rich experience of the partners, a modern approach and ambition of our team can create the best solutions for ventilation and air-conditioning.
We offer air solutions that are suitable for creating a favorable climate for public buildings and residential purpose.