The legendary CAFE «FANCONI» is located on the same place in Odessa where Fanconi brothers opened his famous institution in 1872.
Cafe «Fanconi» is historical and architectural monument. The cafe is located on the corner of Lanzheronovskoy, 15 and Ekaterinenskaya 15 in Odessa.
This cafe has become a place of rest and work of business and creative elite of Odessa. Cafe «Fanconi» were visited Bunin, Kuprin, Chekhov, Utochkin, Babel, Mayakovsky, Chaliapin, Ilf and Petrov, and many others.
At the present time the restaurant “Fanconi 1872” is located in this building.
The fans for exhaust ventilation, fire dampers and duct equipment are installed at the facility.
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