The catalog provides information on smoke hatches L-K, control cabinets of smoke hatches SHTORM-L-K, fire dampers GMK-DU.

The smoke hatch L-K is designed to cover the openings in the exterior wall envelopes, protected by exhaust smoke ventilation with a natural draft of the rodding.

The control cabinets of smoke hatches SHTORM-L-K in case of fire and for controlled by self ventilation.

Fire dampers GMK-DU – multiple vane fire damper without deflection of the blades beyond the dimensions of the housing.


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     Updated 23.04.2018


ventilyatory_dymoudaleniya.jpg   Fans for smoke exhaust ventilation systems are designed to remove gases arising from fire and heat dissipation from the served room or building. Smoke exhaust ventilation systems are designed to work on fire-fighting and evacuation. Fans can move gases with temperatures up to 400 °C or 600 °C for at least 120 minutes. These include fans UKROS-DU/DUV, KROV-DU/DUV, VRAN-DU/DUV, VNR-DU/DUV, AF-DU/DUV.
Smoke fans for air supply ventilation systems installed in special smoke air handling systems for overpressure in the lobbies, gateways and elevator shafts of buildings to prevent the entry of smoke in these premises and providing conditions for work on fire-fighting and evacuation. These include fans OZA 201, OZA 501, VKOP 0, VKOP 1, VKOP 2.
The catalog also contains complete information about optional equipment of smoke fans.
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    Updated 05.06.2020


klapany_protivopozharnyye_ru.jpg   Fire dampers are designed for installation in the openings walling smoke channels in the smoke exhaust system with floor corridors, lobbies on escape ways in residential, public, administrative and household and industrial high-rise buildings in accordance with the standards and requirements of the current regulatory documents. These include dampers KPU-1N, KPD-4, GMK-DU. 

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    Updated 25.03.2020