Residential complex «Florilor Residence» is new building in Moldova. The residential complex has commercial and office space and underground parking, other objects of civil engineering, and office building.
Residential complex «Florilor Residence» is located on the Florilor, 28/2 street in Kishinev.
Residential complex «Florilor Residence» is an ensemble of 16-storey buildings, united by the style and location. In the main unit on the first floor of a non-residential will be function the store and pharmacy. Near there are located kindergartens, schools, sports centers, which will be happy to open its doors to new students and pupils.

There are comprehensive landscaping of the complex with the arrangement of playgrounds and recreational areas, underground and guest parking and greening of building surrounding grounds.

Construction will take place in two stages - the 1st year -2015, 2nd - 2017.
Fire protection equipment: smoke exhaust fans and smoke dampers are installed at the facility.
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